ODYSSEY: A long, eventful and adventurous journey or experience.

Hey there. Welcome to ZB Odyssey – a place for musings on thoughtful and meaningful travel.

A note on why we started our blog:

For my 16th birthday, Zac got me a book called The Big Trip, because he knew I’d always been dreaming about embarking on a round-the-world journey. I used to pore over the pages, planning dozens of different itineraries and making long lists of everything I wanted to see, do and experience.

Over the years, Zac chimed in on this dream and in 2016, after a few smaller adventures together, we finally made it happen. Over the course of 162 days, we travelled to 14 different countries and circumnavigated the globe on the most exciting, thought-provoking, and happiness-inducing adventure of our lives (so far!).

We created ZB Odyssey to document our round-the-world trip and gather our (many) thoughts on everything we experienced. It is now a place for our reflections and stories. We hope it entertains and inspires.