Staying in a Pink Castle: A Love Hotel in South Korea

Pink Castle South Korea

Picture this: You’ve been up since 5am. You’ve just spent the entire day at one of the world’s most heavily militarized borders, peering over into the most isolated nation on the planet. You’ve been briefed by the US military and signed a form acknowledging the possibility of your death that day, and you’ve listened to North Korean propaganda opera blaring out across the DMZ. Then, to top off what has already been a mind-boggling 12 hours, this has all taken place on the very same day that Donald Trump is elected US president.

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Seoul Searching: Five Days in South Korea’s Capital

The first week of November was a funny week. On Monday we caught a cable car up to the fortress of Masada and spent the afternoon floating in the Dead Sea. On Tuesday we wandered through the streets of the Christian Quarter in Old Jerusalem before catching a plane to Athens. On Wednesday we spent our very last full day in Greece wandering the streets of Plaka and indulging in Greek cake and wine. Thursday morning we sipped freddo cappuccinos whilst gazing over the Acropolis, before heading to the airport once again. By Friday evening we had arrived in Seoul with enough time to grab some street food at the night market before bed. To say that we were dazed is perhaps a bit of an understatement.

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